Monday, 8 November 2010

Push Scores Updated

Push Scores was updated on Saturday night to include the following leagues:

League One
League Two

However the update to the backend application server had a small bug which stopped goal updates being sent for subscribers to "All League Updates" for any league except SPL. SPL league subscribers would have recieved updates for all leagues.

This has now been fixed, no update is required for the app. 


  1. Nice idea for an app, but unfortunately I'm not getting any alerts come through.

    First registered on Thursday 18th Nov at 15:33 GMT to follow Wolves.
    Changed registration to All Premiership on Thursday 18th Nov at 20:16 GMT.
    Received alert for Ebbsfleet v. AFC Wimbledon (???) on Thursday 18th Nov at 20:36.
    Received no updates at all over the weekend when all premiership teams have played :-/

  2. Hi Mr Y.

    Please can you let me know what phone you have? Can you send me an email on



  3. This is a great app - as is the pro version! Thanks!

  4. Been waiting for ages for a push notification app like this. Just downloaded the lite version and looking forward to trying at the weekend and plan to upgrade afterwards if it works well.

    Are there any plans to expand to adding some of the major European leagues?